Advanced Usable Security

» We are systems architects and inventors with a passion for usable security.

Our experience includes software, operating systems, virtualization, embedded solutions, and networks.

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What We Offer: Our Services

Embedded Development

  • Embedded systems research and prototyping
  • Embedded software development
  • Embedded Linux
  • Device integration, modification, and repurposing

Software & Computers

  • Usable security (HCISec)
  • API development
  • Ubiquitious computing
  • Virtualization hypervisors and operating systems (namely Xen, KVM, and Linux)

Wired Networks, Wireless Networks, & Radio

  • Network protocol analysis
  • Network simulation and modeling
  • Application protocol development
  • Wireless networking and radio
We specialize in advanced usable security integrations that span diverse technology domains, including computers, embedded systems, networks, and radio.

Our Portfolio

Our consultants maintain extensive portfolios of consulting, research, systems architecture, and speaking engagements.

Notable appearances include:

  • Supplementary systems architecture work aboard a near-space weather balloon
  • 2008 USENIX ATC Xen Tutorial
  • 2010 LISA Xen Tutorial
  • 2011 Xen Day Boston (co-located with LISA)
  • Private Xen training
  • Private Xen consulting and systems architecture work
  • Usable security research and publications
  • Co-authoring Running Xen: A Hands-on Guide to the Art of Virtualization
We have over ten years of advanced security and compliance experience, as well as years of experience working with PCI DSS compliance. We also have over six years of experience in virtualization and Xen. Let us help advise your organization's virtualization, security, compliance, and systems architecture decision-making!

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